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Sunday, May 5th at the Studio

9:30 AM Group A

A-1 | Sat 9:00am Ballet Company
A-2 | Sat 9:00am Tiny Tutus

9:45 AM Group B

B-1 | Tue 5:00pm Tiny Tutus
B-2 | Sat 11:30am Jazz Company

10:00 AM Group C

C-1 | Mon 3:45pm Mini-Hip Hop II
C-2 | Wed 7:00pm Pointe II
C-3 | Mon 7:30pm Lyrical I

10:15 AM Group D

D-1 | Mon 4:30pm Mini-Acro II
D-2 | Wed 10:15am Tiny Tutus & Taps II
D-3 | Thurs 3:30pm Mini-Combo III

10:35 AM Group E

E-1 | Tue 3:30pm Jazz IV
E-2 | Tue 4:15pm Tiny Tutus & Taps I

10:50 AM Group F

F-1 | Thurs 5:15pm Jr-Ballet
F-2 | Tue 6:15pm Corps Ballet Team

11:00 AM Group G

G -1 | Thurs 6:00pm Jr-Tap
G-2 | Thurs 4:30pm Contemporary III
G-3 | Thurs 6:45pm Jr-Hip Hop

11:15 AM Group H

H-1 | Fri 5:15pm Jr-Acro
H-2 | Wed 6:15pm Modern II

11:25 AM Group I

I-1 | Fri 4:30pm Jr-Hip Hop
I-2 | Thurs 6:15pm Tap III
I-3 | Fri 3:45pm Jr-Musical Theatre

11:35 AM Group J

J-1 | Wed 4:15pm Mini-Combo I
J-2 | Thurs 4:30pm Jr-Jazz

11:50 AM Group K

K-1 | Wed 9:30am Tiny Tutus & Taps I
K-2 | Sat 8:45am Tiny Tutus & Taps I

12:00 PM Group L


12:30 PM Group M

M-1 | Wed 3:30pm Mini-Acro I
M-2 | Tue 7:30pm Jazz Team Screen

12:45 PM Group N

N-1 | Mon 3:30pm Mini-Combo I
N-2 | Thurs 7:15pm Lyrical II

12:55 PM Group O

O-1 | Mon 5:15pm Mini-Combo II
O-2 | Mon 4:30pm Mini-Hip Hop I

1:15 PM Group P

P-1 | Tue 5:30pm Corps Tap Team
P-2 | Tue 4:30pm Mini-Combo I

1:25 PM Group Q

Q-1 | Fri 2:00pm Tiny Boppers
Q-2 | Tue 3:45pm Mini-Hip Hop I

1:40 PM Group R

R-1 | Wed 7:00pm Tap II/III
R-2 | Fri 1:00pm Tiny Tutus & Taps II/III

1:55 PM Group S

S-1 | Tue 5:30pm Apprentice Jazz/HH Team
S-2 | Wed 5:15pm Theatre Jazz & Tap
S-3 | Team Pic

2:10 PM Group T

T-1 | Wed 4:30pm Contemporary II
T-2 | Wed 4:15pm Acro II/III
T-3 | Sat 1:00pm Production Team
T-4 | Wed 3:30pm Tap II

2:30 PM Group U

U-1 | Thurs 5:15pm Jazz II/III
U-2 | Mon 7:45pm HH Grades 5-9

2:40 PM Group V

V-1 | Sat 9:30am Tiny Tutus & Taps III
V-2 | Thurs 6:15pm Ballet II
V-3 | Sat 10:15am Mini-Hip Hop I

3:00 PM Group W

W-1 | Mon 6:45pm Acro I
W-2 | Mon 6;45pm Musical Theatre I
W-3 | Sat 11:00am Mini-Combo II/III

3:15 PM Group X

X-1 | Sat 11:00am Mini-Combo I
X-2 | Mon 6:00pm Tap I

3:25 PM Group Y

Y-1 | Thurs 3:45pm Ballet III
Y-2 | Mon 5:15pm Mini-Acro I
Y-3 | Wed 6:15pm Musical Theatre II

3:40 PM Group Z

Z-1 | Wed 6:15pm Tap I
Z-2 | Wed 9:00am Tiny Tutus
Z-3 | Mon 5:00pm Jazz I

4:00 PM Group AA

AA-1 | Tue 10:15am Tiny Tutus & Taps III
AA-2 | Sat 9:30am Tiny Tutus & Taps II
AA-3 | Tue 4:30pm Hip Hop Team

4:15 PM Group AB

AB-1 | Mon 3:30pm Contemporary I
AB-2 | Wed 3:45pm & 7:45pm HH Grades 9+
AB-3 | Mon 5:45pm Ballet I

4:35 PM Group AC

AC-1 | Wed 5:15pm Ballet II
AC-2 | Fri 3:30pm Acro 10+
AC-3 | Mon 4:15pm Modern I

4:45 PM Group AD

AD-1 | Fri 4:30pm Hip Hop Grades 5-9
AD-2 | Thurs 7:00pm Musical Theatre III
AD-3 | Fri 4:30pm Apprentice Tap Team

5:00 PM Group AE

AE-1 | Fri 5:15pm Tap I
AE-2 | Tue 7:30pm Jazz Team Stage
AE-3 | Tue 6:15pm Ballet IV
AE-4 | Tue 5:15pm Apprentice Lyrical Team

5:20 PM Group AF

AF-1 | Abby Solo
AF-2 | Meghan Solo
AF-3 | Zoe Solo
AF-4 | Emma Solo
AF-5 | Lauren Solo
AF-6 | Maddie Solo
AF-7 | Mallika Solo
AF-8 | Amelia/Molly Duo
AF-9 | Audrey/Faith Duo
AF-10 | Diana/Molly Duo
AF-11 | Trio

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