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The Students of Dance Innovations Dance Center

Present Our 17th & 18th Annual Recital


Each block is a recital


Each family will receive two VIP lanyards upon arrival, it is totally up to you on who you invite to watch in-person. If your dancer takes multiple classes and is in multiple recitals, you are more than welcome to have different audience members each block (please make sure you give them your two VIP lanyards so they can enter).
Please note: Once we have checked in two audience members for your family, no one else will be allowed to enter. Your two audience members are your choice, but must  be arranged outside of the studio.


Prior to the recital, each family will receive the live-streaming link to share with the rest of their family.

We will be emailing out a link the week of June 7th. Please keep an eye out in your email.


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