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The Students of Dance Innovations Dance Center

Present Our 17th & 18th Annual Recital

Hello Dancers & Families-

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering “what’s going on with recital this year?” — so have we!  Over February Break, the teachers and I met and came up with a plan and no sooner did we do that… then things started opening back up days later!  We are still hopeful for getting to dance on the stage with some kind of audience, so we’ve come up with a plan (and backup plans), so, at this point, we feel it’s best to hold off on making any FINAL decisions on recital until May 1st.  Please know that all of our plans and backup plans include a memorable DIDC recital – we will continue to keep you updated along the way.

So you have a general idea of what we’re thinking:

Plan A
 – Restrictions are lifted to the point we can hold our recitals on stage at the Cooperative Middle School in Stratham (CMS) as planned. 
***Dress rehearsals and recitals as originally scheduled (rehearsals Wed/Th/Fr 6/9–6/11 and recitals at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm on Sat 6/12).  Picture Week will be the following week during regularly scheduled classes.

Plan B – Audience restrictions are opened to the point we can have recitals at CMS – BUT we will need to do MULTIPLE mini-recitals in order to allow for social distancing, etc.
***Dress rehearsals AND Pictures IN-studio Sat/Sun/Mon/Tu 6/5–6/8 and recitals spread out Wed/Th/Fri/Sat 6/9–6/12.
Plan C – Major restrictions are still in place and we are unable to do a performance with an audience.
***We will do mini-recitals with rehearsals AND Pictures (per class) IN-studio with immediate families, live streamed, and filmed.  All performances will be combined into a VIRTUAL Recital Movie to be released at a set time with a studio-wide VIRTUAL Premiere!  All Tiny, Mini, and Junior classes will be held on the weekend of June 12–13 and all Leveled and Team classes will be held during after school hours the week prior (Mon–Fri 6/7–6/11).

Again, it is difficult to make plans for two months away with the rules changing every minute.  BUT we are certain that regardless of the restrictions at that time – our dancers will have an AMAZING recital experience!  We can assure you, we have thought of every possible scenario and will be releasing thorough plans as we near our decision date of May 1st.  We just wanted to give everyone a general idea of what we had in mind for the time being.

Please do not worry about the what-if’s at this point — too much is constantly changing.  We will make a final decision one way or another on May 1st and we are excited to share our finalized recital plans with you then!!!

Happy Spring!

Miss Katie & DIDC


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