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The Students of Dance Innovations Dance Center

Present Our 17th Annual Recital

DIDC Game Night

SHOW 1 · 11:00 AM

SHOW 2 · 2:00 PM

SHOW 3 · 5:00 PM

JUNE 13th, 2020





Recital FAQs

Please click here to see which class is in which show. (Classes for ages under 10 are in Show 1 or 2 – all 10+ classes are in Show 3)

Show #1 (11:00 AM – approx. run time – 1-1.5hrs)

Show #2 (2:00 PM – approx. run time – 1-1.5hrs)

Show #3 (5:00 PM – approx. run time – 2.5hrs)

We have enlisted the help of many of our studio parents as well as alumni and DIDC staff who will attend a backstage meeting to ensure backstage is organized and safe for the entire event.  Recital staff and volunteers can be identified by their studio lanyard/name badges.

Children will have the opportunity to watch the show via closed circuit TV if the video company can get it to work depending on location.  In addition we will provide simple snacks, coloring books, and games for after they dance.

Contact the studio office for information regarding opportunities for recital volunteers.  We are currently looking for dressing room chaperons and front-of-the-house ushers for all three shows!

For the safety and security of all of our dancers YES, DANCERS MUST REMAIN BACKSTAGE FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW!  Out of fairness to ALL of the dancers and parents committing to recital, please do not request for your child to be let out early as we will not allow it.  

Light makeup is recommended – mauve lipstick, pale pink eye-shadow, and blush, high on the cheekbones.  The strong stage lights wash out faces without makeup.

All hair should be pulled back off of the face into a bun.   The secret to a perfect bun is a hairnet – available at many pharmacies, such as CVS or Walgreens.  They come in an envelope of three in specific colors.  Blondes should get white, brunettes should get brown or dark brown and black hair should get black.  Use bobby-pins to secure shorter hair pieces and again, be sure to purchase the correct color to match your dancer’s hair color.  *Note: gel can also be used to pull shorter hair off of the face.  All bangs must be pulled back off the face.  They cast a shadow over the eyes when on stage.  All hair should be sprayed with hairspray to keep it in place during the performance.  We ask this so that we (and you) may see your child’s beautiful eyes.  All hair accessories should be bobby-pinned in securely.

Ticket FAQs

There is no need to stress on Ticket Sale Day! There’s not a bad seat in the house – so please feel free to leisurely stop by anytime between 8-1pm and we’ll make sure you have some great seats! Or if you’re looking to save yourself a trip, order tickets online (best available)!

Don’t worry! You have several options in order to still get great seats for the show!

BEST AVAILABLE tickets can be purchased via our PRE-SALE order forms (due April 21) or via a TICKET REQUEST FORM (available online and in-person May 8-June 5). 

Tickets are filled in the order they are received. Seats will be filled from front to back (unless special seating requests are listed), but when choosing the specific section (such as the left and right sections), we closely look at the family and the dancer(s) they are coming to watch. All teachers have provided us with notes showing where everyone stands in each dance. With this information, we make sure their audience members are seated on the same side , making every ticket order truly tailored to each individual family.

Good question! There are 8 wheelchair-accessible spaces in the CMS auditorium – in Row G. Please make sure to ask for HA tickets when ordering (online/in-person). If your guest does not require a wheelchair space, but still needs accommodation (ex. trouble climbing stairs, etc.), please be sure to ask for seats near Row G or Row H.

EVERYONE requiring a seat will need to purchase a ticket. If you plan to have your child sit on your lap for the entire show, they will NOT need to purchase a separate ticket.

We’re so glad to hear about our dancers supporting one another! For that reason, dancers will receive a FREE ticket to any show they are not in and parents will receive our $5-OFF discount PER TICKET for each additional show (of equal or less amount of tickets). (Ex. If you bought 3 tickets to Show #1 and 2 tickets to Show #3 (one for a dancer), you’d save $5 off of one Show #3 ticket – and the other Show #3 ticket is FREE for your dancer!)

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or exchanges. All tickets are final sale.

We keep a record of where everyone’s seats are, so we will do our best to accommodate your request. If we can’t seat you together, we’ll get you as close as possible!

Due to stage lighting, dancers generally cannot see into the audience. And for Pre-Dance classes, the teacher usually stands right in front of the stage. For those reasons, we highly discourage audience guests of Pre-Dancers from sitting in the first three rows. Sitting a little bit further back will insure a less-obstructed view. And you will no longer be eye-level with their feet! You’ll get to see the whole dancer! :-)

We’re happy to say that there’s not a bad seat in the house! And we have three shows so there are always plenty of seats available. All dancers move around throughout the performance so there’s no need to pick a certain side – unless your dancer is in Pre-Dance, and we would be happy to make recommendations.

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