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Classes begin on Monday, September 14th and we are so excited to begin welcoming back dancers into our studio!  We have prepared for your arrival by professionally disinfecting and sanitizing our entire facility. The safety and well-being of our dancers, families and staff is a top priority. As we reopen our doors, we believe it is important to provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect. 

The DIDC COVID-19 safety program is based on the CDC, state, and local recommendations. Our goal is to keep our staff, dancers and families safe.  All staff have been trained and are compliant with our new safety protocols.  

Please know that the situation can change at a moment’s notice due to this ever-changing situation. We will be in direct contact with all our dancers and families if anything changes.

We know that some dancers and families may still feel uncomfortable returning to class at this time. It is for this reason that we will be offering in-person AND virtual instruction for all of our classes.  We will also be offering private and semi-private group classes for all dancers during the dance year. If you would like to schedule an in-studio or virtual class, please call or email the studio for more information.

While we will do our best to provide the safest environment possible and minimize risks; there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. What follows below is what you can expect from Dance Innovations Dance Center when you return to dance classes.

To attend your class virtually: please visit the Customer Portal to find the Zoom link for your class.

*Please make sure your Zoom app is up-to-date.

2020-2021 Fall Policies And Procedures

Updated (March 24th, 2021)

Traveling Outside of New England: Students must quarantine for 10 days once returning home.

Masks/Facial Coverings

Everyone (dancers, staff, parents, etc.) will be required to wear a face mask while at the studio. This includes having dancers wear masks during class. We understand that this will be a change for some dancers, but we want to keep everyone safe, healthy and continuing to dance. We have danced with masks over the summer and have found that the disposable surgical masks work best for dancers. Smaller sized surgical masks are available for younger dancers. Water-breaks and rest will be given to the dancers frequently to ensure they are staying safe. If a dancer needs to remove their mask for any reason, a teacher or assistant will take them to a designated area where they can remove it safely and rest.

Studio Entrance Procedure

Temperatures will be taken at the door. Please do not arrive for class more than 5 minutes before the start of class. We will not restrict parents from entering the studio, but to keep everyone safe we ask that you please drop-off your dancer instead of watching class in the lobby.  A studio assistant will be available to walk the dancers into the building. Parents can either stay in their car or return at the end of class. A teacher or assistant will escort the dancer to their parent and/or car at the end of class.  If a parent chooses to stay in the lobby please note that there will be no chairs or seating available and they must wear a mask and social distance for the entire time they are inside the studio.  We are asking that no more than one parent/guardian/relative stay for each dancer. There will be a limit to the number of people allowed in the waiting room at this time. The lobby area has sectioned off spaces to allow for social distancing for those staying inside the building. For your convenience (and safety), we have partnered with SpotTV, so you may watch your dancer’s class via our Parent Portal right from your mobile device without having to come into the studio!  (Until it is fully implemented, parents may watch class via Zoom.)

Sanitation areas are located at the main entrance and inside each studio. Items that are available at these stations are hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and disinfecting products.  All studios are equipped with their own HVAC units to limit the sharing of air between rooms.  The Mitsubishi mini-split units are equipped with Nano Platinum filters.  Windows will be opened to bring in fresh air as weather permits.

Classroom Procedures

Upon entering the lobby, dancers must take off their street shoes. A studio assistant will instruct the dancer where to place their shoes. Dancers must wait on assigned social distancing markers until their Teacher or Assistant is ready to bring them into the studio.  Teachers will apply hand sanitizer to dancers’ hands as they enter the studio or, if dancers prefer, they may wash their hands in the bathroom.

After dancers enter the studio they will be assigned a social-distancing numbered spot marker. They will wait on their spot until class starts. Their dance bag will be placed on their corresponding number at the back of each studio. Water bottles may be kept near their assigned spots. Our studio floors have been marked to assure dancers are as spaced apart as possible. There is also a designated teacher area that has been taped-off for instructors only.  Dancers will need to work in their marked social-distancing spot/column for the entire class. 

We ask that dancers bring minimal personal items into class. Please come in with only dance shoes and a water bottle. Please leave all other personal items at home. All dancers should come to class dressed and ready to work. Dressing areas will be limited at this time. 

Dance shoes are required for all classes and should not be worn outside of the studio. No bare feet will be allowed on any floor. Sneakers (inside use only) will be allowed for classes, including acro.  Please see studio dresscode for more information.  If a dancer does NOT have appropriate dance footwear, parents will be immediately contacted by office staff to deliver correct footwear or arrange a fitting.


When possible, we ask that all dancers come to class dressed for dance. We understand that some dancers may need to change for class at the studio. Please note, only one bathroom will be available for changing which may cause time delays. After each bathroom use we will ask the dancer if they have washed their hands and we will have them re-apply hand sanitizer. 

Studio Capacity

In order to maintain social distancing, we have smaller class sizes and studio capacity.

Front Desk

All payments should be made online using your Parent Portal. If you are unable to make payments online for any reason, please email us and we can schedule a time for you to come in to pay with cash or check or make a payment over the phone. Dancewear and shoe fittings are also available by appointment only.

If a Dancer Becomes Sick

We will do everything to avoid dancers from entering the studio sick. Teachers and assistants will be evaluating dancers for any symptoms that could be attributed to COVID-19 (cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, unusual headache, unexplained muscle or joint pain, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of smell, pink eye, fever etc).  Anyone with symptoms will be asked to return home if they appear ill.  If a dancer becomes ill during class they will sit in the designated area until a parent is able to pick them up. Their parent will be called immediately by the front desk staff and the dancer should be picked up ASAP. We will not allow any dancers to sit and watch classes if they become ill. ZOOM classes are available for all dancers that want to take their class from home.

Studio Exit Procedure

After class is over the dancers will re-sanitize hands when exiting the studio. The assistant or teacher will then make sure that the dancer is dismissed to their parent. Please be prompt when picking up your dancer, so we may complete our cleaning procedures and welcome our next group of dancers into the studio on time. We have a drop-off lane, please pull up to the front entrance and we will dismiss your dancer accordingly. 

Please make sure dancers have all items with them when they exit the studio. We will not be keeping a lost and found at this time.

New Sanitizing Procedures Between Classes

Classes will begin and end in the lobby to allow for classroom sanitization.  After each class all teachers will wipe down any high touch surfaces with disinfectant (barres, light switches and door knobs etc.). The floor areas will be disinfected with FDA-approved sanitizer.

Daily Cleaning

All high touch areas in the studio and lobby will be disinfected with EPA-approved disinfectants. This includes doorknobs, light switches, all bathrooms and our front desk. We have purchased a water system which produces electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid). This is all natural, no-rinse, non-toxic, non-irritant and environmentally safe antimicrobial solution. If you have any questions about specific sanitation/cleaning products we are using, please email the studio directly.

Additional Notes

All our guidelines will be continuously updated with new information from the CDC, state, and local health departments. We reserve the right to offer additional safety precautions outside government guidelines to best protect our dancers, families, and staff. Thank you for doing your part to keep our studio community healthy and we look forward to seeing you in class.

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