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Full Year Program

2nd–4th Grade

Junior classes are designed to introduce 2nd–4th grade children to the world of dance.  Instructors use age-appropriate coursework to nurture the young dancer’s physical, emotional, and social skills. Classwork develops the basic elements of creative movement, basic skills, as well as vocabulary, and music. Primary objectives are geared toward inspiration, self-expression, creativity, and imagination. Dancers experience the love of learning through dance and music.

Benefits of Children’s Dance
Classes are focused on learning basic dance terminology and technique as well as life skills. During each class, dancers will improve upon their gross and fine motor skills, balance, alignment, and kinesthetic awareness. These classes will be one of their first steps into a classroom – they will experience the importance of sharing, waiting our turn, and working in groups!

Children’s Dance classes run full year (Sept-June), and end in an optional (but highly recommended) end-of-the-year recital in June.

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2019–2020 Schedule for the DIDC Children’s Program

*Minimum AGE requirement (as of September 30th)


2nd–4th GRADE


2nd–4th Grade

Monday 5:15–6:00 PM

Class Description

The classic dance form of ballet teaches strength, poise, and balance using specific terminology, technique, and choreography. Dancers are trained at the barre in order to develop correct posture and to prepare the body for the demands of classical dance.  The main goal of Ballet is to learn and improve upon one’s technique, which will be used as a foundation in every subject of dance. In this 45-minute ballet class, dancers learn to execute classical movements with grace.


2nd–4th Grade

Monday 4:30–5:15 PM – FULL
6:00–6:45 PM

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Class Description

Tap dancing is an American art form. It is a step dance tapped out audibly with hard soled shoes. It was born in the 1800’s meshing a wide spectrum of percussive dance styles – African, English, Irish and Scottish. This 45-minute tap class teaches dancers the beginnings of understanding rhythm and timing as well as footwork and agility.


2nd–4th Grade

Thursday 5:15-6:00 PM – FULL

DIDC (248 of 485)
Class Description

Traditional Jazz consists of  unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns.  It teaches strength, power and flexibility and is performed to contemporary music. Jazz dance is lively, fun, and full of rhythm!

Jr-Hip Hop

2nd–4th Grade

Thursday 4:30–5:15 PM – FULL
Thursday 6:45–7:30 PM

Friday 4:30–5:15 PM

DIDC (232 of 485)
Class Description

Hip Hop is a dance style, usually danced to hip hop music, and includes a wide range of styles like breaking, locking, and popping.  This class requires stamina, hard work, and a strong core.  Students should be prepared for a challenging and rewarding class.  Dancers will improve their musicality, strength, stamina, and more!


2nd–4th Grade

Monday 6:00–7:00 PM – FULL
Thursday 3:30–4:30 PM – FULL
Friday 5:15–6:15 PM

Acro ages 7-9
Class Description

Acrobatics uses strength and flexibility to perform gymnastic-based tricks. In this 60-minute beginner-level class, students perform conditioning exercises to prepare them for increased difficulty.  It teaches flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.  DIDC Acro Instructors are certified by Acrobatic Arts and classes follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

Jr-Musical Theatre

2nd–4th Grade

Friday 3:45–4:30 PM

DIDC (268 of 485)
Class Description

A fun and expressive class covering the variety of styles used in Broadway theater choreography. Dancers ages 7 and up will work on developing a combination of jazz dance and theatre performance technique using music, props, narrative, and facial expression. A basic jazz background is recommended. A great class for those who just love to put on a show!

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