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HALF-Day Camps for Ages 7 to 10


9:00 AM - Noon

Choose from Theme/Dates below!


FULL-Day option for Ages 7 to 10


9:00 AM - Noon -- Themed Camp

Noon - 1:00 PM -- Supervised Lunch

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM -- Stay and Play all CRAFTernoon!


Enter the spellbinding realm of ‘The Wizarding World of DIDC’—where magic and dance unite! Join us for an enchanting summer camp, where budding wizards will be sorted into houses, learn mystical moves, make enchanted crafts, play games (Quidditch, enyone?), and more! Grab your wand and join us for a magical week of fun and fantasy!

Is this your ERA? Are you a Swifty, like Miss JJ? Come ‘shake it off’ at this ‘bejeweled’ Taylor Swift-inspired camp with daily dance classes, crafts, games, and more! It’s sure to be better than your ‘wildest dreams’!!!

Come get your DIDC spirit on in this 4-day, fun-filled camp! Dancers will get to try a little bit of each style we offer, learn from different teachers, and even choreograph their own routine! There’ll be crafts, games, themed-days like “PJ Day”, “Crazy Bun Day”, and more!

Welcome to the enchanting world of ‘DIDC Dreamhouse,’ where dance meets imagination! Join us for an electrifying summer camp filled with Barbie-inspired choreography, vibrant music, and unforgettable fun—let’s dance our way into an extraordinary experience! Come on Barbies (and Kens), let’s go party!!


Do you love dancing along to your favorite musical? We do, too! Join us for a 4-day music and dance-filled camp featuring some of your favorite movie musicals – Matilda, High School Musical, Hamilton, and more! It is sure to be a Broadway sensation!

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